About Us

Ambridge Partners LLC is a market leader in insurance and reinsurance. Our team of underwriters provide our clients with customized insurance solutions for their unique exposures.

Transactional Insurance

Transactional Insurance policies provide coverage for a wide variety of exposures in the context of many types of transactions. Our products bridge the gap between negotiating parties with insurance for financial exposures associated with many business or legal contingencies that prevent the completion of a transaction.

Legal Contingency Insurance

Coverage for loss suffered as a result of the crystallization of an administrative, judicial, or legislative exposure or unintended interpretation of a contractual provision, or because a judgment, verdict, arbitration award, or agency determination favorable to the insured has been overturned on appeal.

Intellectual Property Insurance

Our Intellectual Property Insurance products are designed to assist an insured in protecting its intellectual property rights either in the ordinary course of business, or in connection with business agreements such as Licensing Agreements, Financings & Investments, or Mergers & Acquisitions.

Management Liability Insurance

Designed to respond to complex management liability underwriting situations or to cover specific exposures faced by directors, officers, trustees, fiduciaries, or transaction professionals in connection with a specific transaction or crisis situation.